The key principles are:
  • All occupational injuries and work related illnesses can be prevented.

  • The basic responsibility of employee safety rests with each individual.

  • Supervisors lead by example.

In the construction business, attention to safety is imperative. Our goal is for every employee, every day, to leave work in the same condition in which he or she arrived. Industrial Contracting Co.’s Safety and Health Policy formally states our commitment to and position on safety. All occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. This is a realistic goal, not a theoretical objective. All workplace exposures that may result in injuries can be controlled through planning, training and prudent execution of work. Safety is a condition of employment. The extent of safety responsibility an individual bears is directly proportional to the overall responsibilities for personnel, facilities and equipment held by that individual. Senior management will lead this effort. Establishing safety goals and tracking safety and health performance will foster accountability and continued improvement towards safety excellence. This leadership role is extended from the President to every Industrial Contracting Co. employee. Each supervisor will review this Safety and Health policy with all employees during orientation and when performance is such that it is warranted.